As with any organization donations are essential to providing financial security and allowing continued operations.  We ask that brothers consider making recurring monthly payments of just $10 using the Paypal link below.  These donations will supply a steady stream of income that will allow the Alumni Association to follow through with plans and events.

Supporting the Collegiate Chapter

  • Annual scholarship for the brother who receives the Dustin Baker Brother of the year award as voted on by the Collegiate Chapter.
  • Scholarship to send one collegiate brother to the biennial Leadership Development Seminar presented by PLEI.  The Alumni Association will review applications for this award at the spring alumni meeting prior to LDS.

Alumni Events

  • Annual Tygertfest barbecue and campout
  • PDC day at the Saratoga Race Track
  • Post Labor Day BBQ in Thatcher Park
  • Wine Tours
  • Syracuse Basketball games
  •  Many other events to come

Donate Button

Recurring payments cannot be selected from the PayPal mobile site or app.  Please use a normal computer to select recurring payments.



2 thoughts on “Donate

  1. Guys,

    Please keep me posted on discussions regarding fundraising / support for the Collegiate Bros to attend events… If we’re going to raise $ for them to go, we should stand firm on criteria/applications/proof of attendance/reimbursement.


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