Alumni Association

The Alpha Theta Alumni Chapter was restructured in 2012 in order to establish a strong organization that will help to maintain our fraternal bonds long after graduation while also providing financial and moral support for the collegiate chapter.  Through online communities, email, brotherhood events, and our biannual meetings we hope to build a strong base to show that we truly are Leaders in Pharmacy and Brothers for Life.

If you are an Alpha Theta Alumni and would like to hear more about the Alumni Association please email  If you know of any other brothers who may like to be involved please pass on their names and contact information as well.

Thank you,

Your Alumni Officers

Greg Travers- President

travers lookin daper

Nicholas Fontanella- Vice President

font poop face

Dan Lysiak- Treasurer

dan is lame

Aaron J. Session- Secretary

dark night

Ryan (RJ) Sangiovanni – Historian



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